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Impasse epilogue (4 pages)

One eyed Impasse sees doctor...
What the story's about: Immediately following the events of the "Pride's Fall" comic, the red-skinned behemoth known as IMPASSE has just lost his left eye. Impasse goes to a doctor's home for medical attention (We can assume this was his family doctor before he was a big red brute). Since Impasse is nearly invulnerable, he can't simply have his eye stitched up. Instead, the doctor gets a small kitchen blowtorch (like chefs use) to cauterize the wound. The doctor runs his mouth a little too freely...
and Impasse smashes him like a gnat.


impasse4impasse 5impasse6

NOTES: The kitchen is big and nice, and should look like the a doctor's wife's kitchen. This story takes place late at night, and there shouldn't be many lights on (just in case the doc's wife were to come down to the kitchen to see what was going on) The kitchen has one of those countertop "islands" so if you were standing at the sink, there would be an extra counter space behind you for cutting boards, drawers, etc (this is important for a visual at the end of the story. Impasse's skin is thick, like an elephants - but without all the deep wrinkles. Impasse's eyeballs are shiny and solid black. For goodness sake, it is Impasse's LEFT eye that has been ripped out ! Let's keep it that way :)

Here's the script:

PAGE ONE (five panels)
Panel 1. Wide panel, far shot. Impasse sits on the floor as a doctor leans down to examine him. Impasse's hair is down (and messy). (this scene may be mostly silhouette).
Doctor: Hold still Imp: I AM holding still.

Panel 2. (Impasse's POV) We see the Doctor as if he was peering into our eye with a little light.
Doc: How the heck did this happen?

Panel 3. (Doc's POV) We see Impasse's eye socket bleeding, missing his eye. There are blood vessels & stuff hanging out since the eye was yanked out. Impasse turns his head away slightly. We probably see the Doc's hand raising Impasse's eye brow to get a better look.
Imp: I caught it on somethin.

Panel 4. The Doctor lowers his little light as he talks with Impasse.
Doc: You caught your EYE on something?
Imp: You're pushing it, Doc.

Panel 5. Similar camera angle to last panel. Now, Doc stands up straight, and puts his fists on his hips (he's confused, and trying to figure something out).
Doc: I thought you were invincible.
Imp: I'm not. I'm just really TOUGH.


PAGE TWO (six panels)
Panel 1. The Doctor has turned, and now walks away. We see him close in the foreground, and Impasse in the background (Impasse probably touches his cheek cautiously, as you would if your eye hurt too much to touch).
Doc: Must've been something really bad you caught your eye on.
Imp: Just fix it.

Panel 2. The Doctor has pulled a small kitchen-size blowtorch out of a kitchen drawer. He also holds a small flint tool near the business end of the blowtorch.
Doc: Well I can't push a needle through your skin, so I'm gonna have to CAUTERIZE it.

Panel 3. In the foreground, the blowtorch flares on. In the background, Impasse looks toward the flame. The flame here is the initial "on" flare, so it's a bit bigger than the usual blowtorch fire.
Imp: Do whatever you hafta do.

Panel 4. The Doctor holds the blowtorch about head level as he adjusts the nozzle on it.
Doc: Sandy got this thing so she could make creme brulee.
Doc: Not that she ever cooks.

Panel 5. The Doctor puts his free hand on Impasse's head (to steady himself) as he brings the torch flame *almost* within reach of Impasse's eye.
Imp: Hurry up. I'm still bleeding.
Doc: Okay. This is probably going to hurt a little.

Panel 6. Impasse grits his teeth (it hurts!) as the Doctor blowtorches his eye! I don't want to show anything graphically here, so we need it to be obvious what is happening without showing the flame on the eye. Perhaps have the gory stuff just a bit off panel (focus on Imp's teeth maybe).
Doc: You can tell me, you know.
Imp: Tell you what?


PAGE THREE (six panels)
Panel 1. Same thing, different view. We can't see any gore, but we should be able to tell that he's working on Impasse's eye. I see this panel from slightly behind Impasse (so his big head blocks the gory action).
Doc: What really happened with your eye.
Imp: Don't worry about it.

Panel 2. Close up of the Doctor working on the eye, probably from Impasse's POV.
Doc: I can't imagine what's strong enough to do THIS.

Panel 3. Close up on the good side of Impasse's face. He frowns and sneers with his nose. He's giving the Doctor an angry / ugly look. (Probably the Doc's POV here). (no dialogue here)

Panel 4. Close up shot of the Doctor working (even closer than last time).
Doc: The sinews look... TORN...

Panel 5. Close up shot of good side of Impasse's face (even closer than Imp's last panel).
Doc: Like the eye was PULLED out.

Panel 6. Impasse backhands the doctor, sending him tumbling over a kitchen countertop. The blowtorch goes flying out of Doc's hand.


PAGE FOUR (six panels)
Panel 1. In this panel, the Doctor has lays on the floor, holding his neck with one hand. I see this as an overhead view (from Impasse's POV) looking down over the countertop.

Panel 2. Same exact shot as last time, but now we see one of Impasse's massive hands on the countertop (as he leans over). We see the doctor just now starting to sit up, and he looks up with a frightened look on his face.

Panel 3. (Doctor's POV) We look up to see the shadowy form of Impasse leaning over with his fist raised.

Panel 4. We now see Impasse punching down (on the doctor) - as the kitchen counter blocks our view of anything gory.

Panel 5. Impasse wipes the blood off his fist with a kitchen rag (which is tiny to his big hands)
Imp: Should've kept your mouth shut, doc.

Panel 6. Close or medium shot. Impasse has now picked up the still-burning blowtorch and gets it *close* to his eye without touching the flame yet.
Imp: And I wouldn't have to finish this myself.
The end



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