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Veronica's Diary

 Veronica's Diary

Veronica is an average teen with a nastier-than-average attitude. She doesn't like to be told when to eat. She draws luchadors in class rather than listen to the teacher.

On the way home from school, she passes through a cemetary and finds a statue of La Santa Muerte, the Grim Reaper. When Veronica helps herself to gifts left for La Santa Muerte, the Reaper appears! Now Veronica owes a debt that must be paid by fighting demons, zombies, and whatever else the Reaper decides!

Illustrated by Nelson Forero, Written by Jay W. Davis
Includes pin-up art by Nelson Forero, Nate Lovett, Travis Hanson, and Mike Jenkins

VERONICA'S DIARY print comic is now available at Indy Planet!

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