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Ogburn the Guardian (3 to 6 pages)

Undead hero wipes out monsters...
What the story's about: In the 1930s, Danny Ogburn suffered a tragic event that killed his wife and son, and left Danny as a sort of "super zombie." He's retained his intellect, and is nearly impervious to pain (in fact, he hardly ever shows any emotion or reaction at all). He's developed a sixth sense that guides him to other unnatural creatures such as zombies, vampires, werewolves, etc. Ridden with guilt over the loss of his family, Ogburn travels the Americas, searching for any evil creatures that threaten humanity. Occasionally, he'll find a bad human to attack and feed on (which is how Danny Ogburn heals his wounds). His weapon of choice is usually just a sturdy shovel, which he can use to decapitate his enemies with deadly accuracy (or use the wooden handle against vampires, like in the picture below).



First and foremost, Ogburn wins. The point of these short story projects are to explore some of the "routine" fights that our heroes get into. Not every battle is an epic one-on-one confrontation with the hero and his arch nemesis. There are plenty of lower profile fights where the hero basically gets practice at fighting baddies.

His CLOTHES: Nothing fancy. Ogburn was once a grave digger, and he still dresses like one. He always wears "work clothes" which may get torn or ruined during a fight. He may wear denim pants & a button up work shirt, or overalls. The important thing is that he wears work gloves, wears the wide brim hat, and carries a shovel.

Ogburn fights with his FISTS and with his SHOVEL. He doesn't carry a sword or a knife or a gun. If there's a knife or a jagged piece of metal somewhere near the fight, sure he might snatch it up and use it on his enemy. Otherwise, he's punching or swinging the shovel. By the way, he doesn't have ONE special shovel. He probably has a different shovel every time he gets into a fight (usually because his shovels get broken during the fights!).

Ogburn is basically emotionless. He'll grit his teeth or look angry DURING a fight, but he's completely expressionless before and after the fight.

I recommend using zombies for this project, mostly because that's what Ogburn hates the most. Seeing zombies just reminds Ogburn of himself, and how he failed to protect his family so many years ago. If you want to use another type of monster, that's fine.

Remember though, that there's already a "Ogburn v. Vampire" short story in which Ogburn fights 3 vampires so you'll need to do something different (he stabs two with the wooden handle, and throws the third out a window into the sunlight).

Since Ogburn can sense bad humans too, you could make him go up against a really bad human if you wanted (serial killer, cannibal, even gun wielding gang members). It's up to you :)

Don't worry about writing any dialogue for this story! Just focus on telling the story with your art. Once you've turned in the completed art, I'll write narration or something so it won't be a "silent" comic.

You can do flat black/white line art, or shades of gray if you want.

Have fun! This is your chance to flex your creative muscles. You've got the guidelines for the character, but everything else is up to you. When you're done and ready to send it, check the "email" link to find my email address. Good luck :)


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