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Torpedo v. some thug(s) (3 to 5 pages)

Vengeance mistaken for Vigilance...
What the story's about: It's not every day that a hero goes up against a monster like "Gator-Face" or a maniac like "Scavenger." In fact, more often a vigilante has only a selection of basic riff-raff to pummel. Here we find just such an episode, where the Torpedo gives a furious beat-down to some loser. We know Torpedo's looking for someone, and that he's beating up crooks to find his guy. But to any nearby witnesses, it looks like good old fashioned hero-ing! Your task is to show Torpedo beating up your basic low-level crook. It could be a purse-snatcher, mugger, drug dealer - whatever. Most of our short stories are scripted out already. This one's not, so you can flex your creativity.





-Torpedo will knock his opponents out, or give them a bloody nose or lip - but he's not going so far that he knocks out teeth or breaks a guy's arm.

-Torpedo definitely wouldn't use his wrist-weapon on a common human thug.

-Torpedo is a puncher not a kicker. He normally uses his fists and elbows in a fight.

-Torpedo is located in New York City. I recommend doing a web search for photos for visual reference.

-Torpedo doesn't fight these criminals for the good of the city. He's pummeling them as he demands information about a certain criminal he's searching for, so...

-He often grabs criminals by their shirt collar and gets face-to-face with his opponent to question him.

-Unsatisfied, when he learns nothing useful from the crook, Torpedo simply takes off into the sky, powered by his jet boots... not interacting with anyone else left behind (such as a purse-snatching victim or newly arrived policemen).

-Lastly, the pictures above are for your visual reference of Torpedo. This is NOT how he normally fights. In the pictures, he's fighting a stronger opponent. He wouldn't get tossed around like a punk by common thugs :) 


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