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Spirit of death and vengeance drawn to and despises fear.

Two friends walked into the woods. Neither walked out. A freak accident left one man pinned to the ground. His friend was unable to help, paralyzed by fear. The pinned man could not escape by himself, and died.

That night, the surviving man sat alone in his tent, still unable to come to terms with the events he helplessly watched earlier. From the distance, a noise reached the man in the tent. The noise sounded like bone scraping against wood. The man was terrified and could not bring himself to look outside or even move. The sound grew closer.

With a slash of its mightly claw, the monster tore through the tent with ease. The terrified man looked on the creature. He knew at once that the eight foot tall monster was once his friend. The creature's skin was already beginning to rot, and the flesh under its ribs hung loosely where the lower half should begin. Flies buzzed around the monster's gaping wound, and occasionally a maggot or two would drop from the opening. The man reeked of fear, and this fear set off a pain inside the monster that had to be extinguished. The creature stepped closer to the man and raised its claw...


Classification: Force

Shadowlord Barkstripper



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