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QUOTE: "The Creator will dissect your dead body"

Twenty years ago, a young geneticist named, Cade, was in a slump. He had great skill in manipulating living cells, but he lacked motivation. The series of events that followed are still a mystery to everyone but Cade. The result was a sleek, red human-like creature, eventually known as Bludblister. Cade uses Bludblister as loyal servant. There is nothing that Bludblister won't do for his beloved "Creator," Cade. Bludblister has performed numerous acts of terrorism for Cade, including mass destruction and even murder.

Bludblister is made up of living cells which appear to be animal in origin, but the cells also contain certain plant characteristics. For example, his cell membranes have a plant-like cell wall, and the cell contains a red chloroplast similar to red algae. Due to his innate plant-like cell structure, Bludblister produces food from within his own body with exposure to sunlight. His cells are predominantly animal otherwise, evidence of which can be found in his human-like circulatory system. Bludblister has no eyes, relying instead on sonar-based perception based in his head. Though Bludblister has no mouth, he can still speak by vibrating "vocal chords" in his chest. The sound resonates in a hollow cavity in his torso, which has the effect of a deep, reverberating voice. He also lacks ears, yet his skin picks up sound waves - interpreting sounds and words as well as human ears. Bludblister is much stronger than average fit humans, which is attributed to his dense, reinforced muscle fibers. Last but not least, Bludblister has accelerated healing, and is able to regenerate any lost body parts completely!


Real Name: Bludblister

Occupation: Servant / Assassin

Classification: Unknown Origin

Torpedo Blazing Son



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