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BludblisterThe butcher


Re-animated skeleton warriors.

Bones are often mislabeled as zombies, though the two have many differences. Unlike zombies, Bones display a more advanced level of intelligence. Bones know how to use weapons, and have rudimentary combat skills. Though Bones often attack as a group, they do not show any evidence of group combat strategies (rather, each Bone fights independently of the others).

Bones are most often raised from the dead by someone skilled in mystic arts..

The amount of damage necessary to kill a Bone can vary widely, and is often related to the power of their master. Some Bones will drop lifelessly to the ground after being decapitated or having its spine severed. Bones made by stronger magic will continue to crawl around when cut in half, or continue to move without a head. Generally, Bones can be rendered harmless by cutting or breaking most of its limbs.



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