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CalicoClaud Booker


 QUOTE: "Oh Shinola! I'm going to miss the soaps. Where's that TV I wouldn't give back?!"

Christian has owned and operated "Dockins' Pawn" for three decades, achieving modest success and a comfortable life. The pudgy, cotton-haired old man may see things in a blur without his thick-rimmed glasses, but his wit is razor sharp. Old age hasn't made Christian slack in his business practice- if you've lost your pawn shop ticket, you've lost your stuff. End of discussion!

Christian is widowed and has no children. Still, he's set aside a modest collection of valuable items and sustained some savvy investments. Though Christian could move into a larger store area, or set up a second "Dockins' Pawn," Christian is a stubborn old man. If he has his way, he'll spend the rest of his life running the same packed shop.

Recently, Christian hired Richard Booker, a former army serviceman. Dockins' Pawn hasn't lost money to robbers a single time since Booker was hired. Booker's intimidating presence in the pawn shop discourages thieves, not to mention the Torpedo out putting the knuckles to criminals all over the city. For the first time in years, Christian feels safe inside his shop. 


Real Name: Christian Dockins

Occupation: Pawn Shop Owner

Classification: Human

Torpedo Blazing Son



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