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Claud Booker

QUOTE: "Human beans life special. Taking BAD!"

Claud Booker was an army pilot when he married. He was overjoyed when his wife gave birth to their only child, Richard. When Claud's marriage failed and his wife left him, Claud took solace that he was able to keep his son. Claud raised Richard alone, and did remarkably well. Claud was proud when his son earned a football scholarship to pay for his full college tuition. Claud had no idea that his son was about to get caught up in a scheme orchestrated by a greedy, bet-fixing gambler-- Marcel Larcone.

When Richard Booker won a college homecoming game, it cost Larcone a fortune. To punish Richard, a hit was put out on his father. Claud was in the kitchen when he heard the doorbell. He was expecting Richard home for the weekend, but instead opened the door to find three thugs. The first two beat Claud Booker until his eyes rolled back in his head. Then the third man fired three shots into Claud's body.

Today, Claud Booker has completely healed from his gunshot wounds after surviving the savage attack. Unfortunately, Claud suffered brain damage which has rendered him unable to take care of himself. Doctors speculate that the brain damage was more likely due to loss of blood rather than the physical beating. As Claud Booker lives out the rest of his lonely days in a special care home, he serves as a constant, painful reminder of his son's mistake. As the Torpedo, Richard intends to atone for this sin by gaining revenge against Larcone and those responsible for Claud's condition.  


Real Name: Claud Booker

Occupation: Retired Pilot

Classification: Human

Torpedo Blazing Son



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