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QUOTE: "Yes! Run! Fear my czarbots!"

When it comes to designing robots & mechanical things, Robert Barrett is a genius. When it comes to anything else, Barrett is usually an awkward failure. His skill in robotics gained him a position on a government research team. Though the best designer of the group, Barrett's inability to make social connections prevented him from taking the lead. In fact, Barrett preferred to conduct his own research at home. This led to the most tragic event of his life.

Barrett's brother / roommate wanted to get a closer look at some of his work. Barrett tried to stop his brother, but it was too late. An explosion killed his brother, and took Barrett's eye and arm. In addition, Barrett lost his position on the research team for taking confidential work home with him. Barrett, unable to toke responsibility for his brother's death, blames the government. He now focuses his time and skills into creating robots to get revenge.

Barrett is also trying to create a "perfect" robot, complete with artificial intelligence, perhaps to have a companion in his life. However, Barrett's genius is limited to mechanics, and he is unable to write programming (sophisticated or otherwise). Instead, he remotely pilots his various czarbots to do his bididng.  


Real Name: Robert Barrett

Occupation: Robotics Engineer

Classification: Human with Cybernetics

Project Nation, Czarbots Attack



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