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The Vampire ClaymoreThe Vampire Claymore


At first, no one knew of Claymore's existence. Anyone who encountered him would be destroyed or devoured. Travelers sometimes discovered a village littered with corpses, with no explanation as to what caused their deaths. Some bodies would bear the tell-tale bite marks on the neck, but others had been ended by a bladed weapon.

Over time, Claymore learned to be amused by man's fear. He'd occasionally allow one to escape to tell stories of the blood-drinker with the scarred face.

Another hundred years or so, and Claymore will have lived for a millenium. In the modern world, Claymore keeps a much lower profile. He keeps a buffer of servants and slaves between himself and our world. He has learned to hide like a serpent among weeds, waiting patiently. Though there are a number of powerful Guardians in our world, it is possible that none of them can match power with Claymore.


Real Name: Claymore (surname)

Classification: VampireHuman

Crusade Dusk, Vampire Crusade



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