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Dark WarriorDark Warrior

QUOTE: "Make no mistake...I AM your Prometheus"

Dark Warrior is about as egotistical as wannabe world-destroyers come. This megalomaniac has fantasies about becoming supreme sovereign of the universe. He has studied numerous prophecies about a "living weapon," which he intends to use as a means to bring the universe to its knees. After years and years of research, Dark Warrior believes he has found the living weapon reborn-- as the young man called the Shadowlord.

Though the Dark Warrior boasts immense power of his own, he has only displayed a handful of his abilities - most often using his powers to test the Shadowlord. Some of these powers include: currents of wind, flaming bursts from his hands, the ability to float on air, and the ability to vanish away into a thick mist.

Currently, Dark Warrior is stalking the Shadowlord, and continues trying to figure out how to tap the energy of "the living weapon." If his plan is realized, Dark Warrior will use Shadowlord as a conqueror wields a sword. Annihilation on a planetary scale will only be the beginning if the Earth refuses to be the first world annexed under the rule of the Dark Warrior.


Real Name: (unrevealed)

Occupation: Destroyer

Classification: Demonlord

Shadowlord Daybreak,
Shadowlord Fishy



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