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Ori JunicheroStoic


QUOTE: "Gotta find Calico. I'll figure all this out later. Calico first. Calico?"

One theory is that this young man has lived in a prior existence - vaguely remembering a past that might be his own. The only things he seems to know for sure are his name - The Shadowlord - and the name of his huge feline companion, Calico.

Ancient prophecies speak of the Shadowlord, and the magnificent power he wields. The only specific power Shadowlord has manifested after his apparent "rebirth" is the ability to produce a purple-hued, cold fire which can be used to physically impact a target. That is, the "fire" is not hot, and at full power it could blast the hinges off a reinforced steel door. Shadowlord seems to have an understanding of life in the wilderness and is adept at hunting game animals alongside the tiger-like Calico.

At present, Shadowlord is content to wander the wilderness with Calico, his best (and only) friend. From time to time, Shadowlord gets the feeling he's being watched - and he IS. The megalomaniac demon known as the Dark Warrior sees Shadowlord as a weapon to be used for mass destruction. The two had a rather rocky introduction, and now Dark Warrior has resigned to watching the Shadowlord from the shadows - waiting for an oppurtunity to further test this living weapon.


Real Name: Shadowlord

Occupation: none

Classification: unknown

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