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QUOTE: "You should have fled when you had the chance."

Epsilon is an ancient spirit, hundreds of years old. He's jealous of the human world, and vows to rule it - or destroy it. The demon spirit Epsilon has been cursed to roam the void of an empty dimension. It is in this void that he rests and gathers his power as he prepares to break into our dimension. Once here, he cannot sustain contact in our world indefinitely, but while he remains here, he proves himself to be a ruthless killer.

Epsilon boasts a number of powers. He has strength much beyond that of a normal man. Epsilon can send potent blasts of energy from his hands and eyes, and he can summon other strange demonic creatures to do his bidding. Use of these powers, however, shorten the time Epsilon can anchor himself in our world. He is not invulnerable, but getting close enough to deal damage to him is not for the weak.

The barriers are easiest to break through at points where there is a lot of negative residual energy. Graveyards are a favorite of his, and so are battle sites. When Epsilon does break through to our world, the symbol on his chest shines through the skin of his host. The electric-like energies cause the host's hair to crinkle sometimes stand on end.


Real Name: Epsilon

Occupation: Destroyer

Classification: Demon Spirit

Mortem Brand The Passing



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