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QUOTE: "Afraid you can't take him alone?"

Hanta moves at a steady pace. When he's tracking a buck through the dense trees and vines, nothing else exists outside of what he sees. Only the depressions in the mud and scrapes in the dirt, the broken twigs and bent blades of grass exist in his world. Hanta insists that he only uses the techniques taught to him by the hunters before him, but his determination has brought his skill to a level the elders have never seen.

Hanta is a quiet, patient observer. When his speaks, he cuts straight to the point. Although his best friend Gojinn is not a hunter, the two do share a sort of competition that pushes each of them to strive to be stronger and better. Gojinn's sister Kira has this competitive edge as well. Along with Gojinn's fiance Mei, the four often spend most their free time together.

When two out-of-breath villagers returned with a story of how Gojinn had killed Mei, Hanta stood by silently. When the elders decided what must be done, Hanta was not surprised. It became his responsibility, along with Kira, to execute the traitor Gojinn.


Real Name: Hanta

Occupation: Tracker / Hunter

Classification: Human

Mark of the Jinn series



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