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QUOTE: " can say a prayer over your friend's body to purify his wicked, marked soul."

To Kira, life is simple. A problem isn't something to be solved, it's something to be destroyed. Though her brother Gojinn makes weapons, he would much rather talk out a problem. Kira would rather end a conflict with her fists (or feet)!

Kira's tiny village hasn't had need for a warrior in ages. In fact, no one living in the village can remember an interaction with someone from another village, and traveling to other villages is forbidden. Still, should there be need for a warrior, Kira knows she will give every bit of herself to the battle.

When a villager broke the sacred law by murdering another, Kira's skill was finally needed. With help of the tracker Hanta, Kira was ordered to bring this killer to justice. Tragically, the man she must now kill is Gojinn.


Real Name: Kira

Occupation: Warrior

Classification: Human, Gifted

Mark of the Jinn series



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