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Jack Fitz

QUOTE: "Can you still laugh? Can you laugh without moving air in or out of your lungs?"

Such a small percent of the world population discover they posses super-human powers. Within that elite group, there are certain powers that are more... desirable than others. Plenty of people wish they could turn invisible or command fire to sprout from their hands or that they could bench-press an SUV. No one wastes time wishing they had the power to create BUBBLES. Jack certainly didn't wish for it. In fact, it was never a power he had ever heard of (or even thought about). But once he discovered his power, and how to control it, Jack Fitz would never think any other power more desirable than the one he has.

By creating a perfect seal over someone's nose and mouth, they are unable to feed fresh oxygen to the lungs. After that, it's only a matter of time before any man is brought to his knees - no matter how big a brute crosses Jack's path. In water, Jack can't drown as long as he's conscious. All he has to do is form bubbles in the air above the water, and drag those air-filled bubbles down to his mouth. If falling, Jack can create a perfectly round cushion to break his fall. By creating layers of bubbles around himself, he can insulate himself from extreme cold or wind. Jack Fitz has practiced using his "spheres" (as he calls them) in all of these ways, and more.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as amazed by this power as Jack. The biggest drawback to having the power of "bubbles" is dealing with all the taunts and mockery of everyone who looks down on his power. Jack Fitz had been a part of New York's finest for half a decade before his secret power was discovered. Jack had worked his way up to Sergeant, hiding his power and only using it when absolutely necessary. Some of the men he arrested claimed that they felt like they couldn't breathe just before Jack took them down, but no one really thought anything of it. But once Jack's powers were discovered, he became the laughing stock of his tough-guy colleagues. Once his powers were out in the open, Jack used them freely to aid him in his work. He arrested more suspects than anyone else, and still they talked about him behind his back. It didn't take long for Jack's attitude to change. He began to resent his fellow sergeants and officers. If they put as much energy into chasing bad-guys as they did in coming up with nick-names for Jack Fitz, there wouldn't be so much as a jay-walker in the Big Apple. As Jack's resentment brewed, he became mean. Once he would take a perp's breath just long enough to make them winded. Now, Jack would watch his suspect beg for air, not with words but with a look. He'd watch as an emotion grew in their eyes, a mixture of fear and utter helplessness. Jack enjoyed seeing it, sometimes just under a thin layer of tears.

When Jack's anger boiled up at the police precinct one afternoon, his career in law enforcement was suddenly in jeopardy. Jack was suspended, and his Captain began looking to transfer Jack (and his bad attitude) to another precinct. In the meantime, someone else was making other plans for Jack Fitz. The Army Major known as "Gunn" showed up with an offer: join a government-backed team of heroes. Though rarely impressed, Gunn marveled at Jack's unusual power. Gunn saw the spheres as unbelievable useful in the field, during missions of all types. When Jack accepted the offer, Gunn felt something he rarely experiences: excitement.


Real Name: Jack Fitz

Occupation: NYPD Police Sergeant

Classification: Human, Gifted

Fitz and Starts



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