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QUOTE: "Welcome to Doom Squad."

Two decades ago, there was a team of men and women who protected us from threats we couldn't fight alone. That team was known as the Doomsters. Although the team mysteriously disbanded a number of years ago, the Doomsters' field leader is still actively pursuing the security of our nation.

Though he possesses no actual powers, Gunn has proven himself in combat time and time again. In addition to a strong skill in hand-to-hand fighting, it is his prowess as a marksman that earned him the moniker "Trigger Finger" Gunn during his Doomsters days.

Gunn's mission is simple: To form a new team to take over the position where the Doomsters left off. Although the original Doomsters team reportedly had no super-powered members, Gunn plans to take full advantage of the increasing number of powered individuals and build his team accordingly. Already recruiting members such as Dr. Mindfield and Wrath, Gunn's team (once completed) may be more powerful than even he had hoped.


Real Name: Gunn

Occupation: US Army Major

Classification: Human

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