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Dr. Moriart

QUOTE: "Daniel!"

Born just before the turn of the 20th century, Moriart was fascinated by the wonders of his then-modern world. Although tools and machines of the day filled him with wonder, it was the supernatural that really peaked his interest. Moriart travelled the world, chasing after reported incidents involving 'dark arts.' And he found what he was looking for.

Although practitioners of these arts were reluctant to take on Moriart as an apprentice, they were often amused by Moriart's enthusiasm. As a result, these men would allow Moriart to see fragments of their rituals and describe some of the ingredients in their poisons. Through reasoning and experimenting, Moriart discovered many of their secrets for himself. Eager to see if his skills could rival those of his mentors, Moriart returned to the U.S. to begin his hideous practices.

Moriart preferred small towns, where his plans could go unnoticed by the trusting townsfolk. When Moriart's experiments failed, or when he was in danger of being discovered, he would leave. Each new town brought him closer to his goal: to create a legion of catatonic followers to serve him. Zombies. Moriart often slipped poisons to unsuspecting neighbors. When his poisons resulted in death (rather than the desired catatonic state), he could easily cover his tracks. As a mortician, townies often listened without blinking to Moriart's explanations and lies in regards to cause of death. And Moriart often found himself unable to resist other unnatural desires. It wasn't until Daniel Ogburn's accidental intrusion that Moriart's sick secrets were discovered. Moriart lashed out, causing the death of Daniel Ogburn and his family. But Daniel Ogburn didn't stay dead. And when he returned, Ogburn unleashed his raw fury on the helpless Moriart. Now, the demented mortician lay buried in several separate graves.


Real Name: Moriart

Occupation: Mortician, Zombie Priest

Classification: Human

Midnight Train



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