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Dr. Mindfield

QUOTE: "I can't just 'fix' someone inside a week."

Dr. Mindfield is a leading psychiatrist in his field. With a number of published articles in pyschology journals and magazines, he is well known and respect by his peers. This combined with his unusual power made Mindfield a perfect fit for the new team being put together by the famous hero known as Gunn.

In addition to his vast knowledge of psychiatrics and his deep understanding for aberrant and criminal behavior, Mindfield has the power to generate nearly impentrable force fields. As he puts it, "Everyone puts up walls, bounderies, to a certain degree. Mine are just more difficult to push through."

Mindfield is the first recruit to Gunn's new powered team. Not only is Mindfield lending his expertise in examining all potential recruits, but once the team is active Mindfield will be put into the field with the team. This, Gunn insists, will give Mindfield a chance to monitor team relationships as well as help diagnose enemy weakspots. Even with his powerful shields, Mindfield is still apprehensive about his upcoming assignments...


Real Name: Dr. Mindfield

Occupation: Psychiatrist

Classification: Human, Gifted

Entrance Exam,
Fitz and Starts



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