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QUOTE: "People you say... but not me?"

"Project Nation" is a US government-funded experiment, the goal of which is to digitally download the knowledge of our best soldiers and strategists. If this knowledge could be saved, then future generations could benefit from this knowledge, long after these leaders' lives. The experiment did not go smoothly. Though technology has advanced to a point to monitor and record human brain activity, any attempts to completely drain memories has resulted in life-threatening drops in the subjects' vital signs. In other words, the process is deadly. The tests were all halted before finishing the process, and any incomplete downloads were found to be useless. Without results, funding was cut for the project.

By chance, a small team of special operatives were exposed to an unidentified chemical or germ agent not far from one of the hidden research facilities. Dying, the team made contact with their superiors, who knew of "Project Nation." The dying operatives were given a choice, and told what the consequences may include. Heroes to the end, the four operatives decided to spend the final moments of their lives in devotion to their country. They each completed the download process. Though these minds were the first to successfully be captured digitally, an error caused all the data to compile to one folder. This meant that all the knowledge and memories were lumped into a single file with no way to differentiate or separate the info from these four specialists.

Researchers tried a number of ways to interact with the data, but were having trouble. Eventually they realized the problem: the human minds were unable to handle the idea that they were trapped inside a computer, causing the program to crash. To work around this issue, the scientists joined with another team that was building a mechanical soldier for remote-control use. This team was having problems as well, as signal-jamming rendered their robot useless. Together, these teams found success. With a mechanical body, the human mind data could relate to its existance in a familiar way. And with actual intelligence inside the robot, remote-control was no longer needed. Funding on both projects was immediately approved. The robot was having some difficulty wrapping its head around having memories from four distinct lives. For this, a psychologist, Dr. Ilka, was brought in. With Ilka's help, the robot was able to talk out its 'feelings,' making it far less prone to distraction in the field. Now, the mechanical patriot called "Nation" is fully operational. 


Real Names: (classified)

Occupation: Special OPs, US Military

Classification: Robot

Project Nation,
Czarbots Attack (cameo) 



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