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Mortem BrandMortem Brand Sword

QUOTE: "It is my job to keep the living safe from the dead."

The Mortem Brand is an ancient sword. This ebon sword is nearly indestructible, and the solid white tip holds the power to send demons back to whatever dimension they belong. The sword has many other powers as well, some not even known to the man who wields it. The name 'Mortem Brand' is also shared by the man who holds the sword. The Mortem Brand is a warrior who travels the world, ridding each loaction from the demonic vermin which draw him there.

The Mortem Brand has a number of powers at his disposal, mostly granted from the numerous relics he wears. The "Belt of the Fading Moon" grants him limited powers of invisibility. "Daru's Mask" is an enchanted face plate that protects the wearer from poisons, diseases and other airborne agents. The boots he wears allow him to walk unhurt on the cursed ground of unholy places. His mystic gloves allow him to make contact with spectral entities, enabling him to "grab" ghosts as if they were solid. The cape he wears is also enchanted, and is can perform a number of functions as willed by the Mortem Brand. The sword also passes along an ability called "Ethereal Sensitivity." This sense is what guides the Mortem Brand to each destination, telling him exactly where he is needed.

The Mortem Brand had been drawn to a small town in rural Japan. There he sensed a powerful disturbance - one he has faced before - Epsilon. The old Mortem Brand sustained mortal wounds during the battle, and the Sword of Death passed to the young swordsman, Ichiru.


Real Name: Ichiru

Occupation: Guardian, Spirt Slayer

Classification: Human

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