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QUOTE: "Oh, I'm guilty of SOMETHING.

In a village where tradition and order mean everything, Ningai was always something of an outcast. Without much regard for the rules, he often found himself in some sort of trouble or other. When Ningai became involved with chief's daughter, the village chief found his patience had reached its end. And Ningai found himself in a cage.

Ningai slowly started to realize that he was becoming stronger than the other villagers, but he had no idea that possessed the "Mark of the Jinn." It was the chief's daugther who first discovered the mark on Ningai's neck, beneath the twists of his hair.

When a light-skinned stranger suddenly enters the village, Ningai suddenly finds he has neighbor in the next cage. His neighbor turns out to be Gojinn, a fugitive from a place no one from Ningai's village has ever seen. And like Gojinn, Ningai's situation in his fellow villagers is more complicated than just the mysterious mark that appeared on his skin.


Real Name: Ningai

Occupation: Builder

Classification: Human, Gifted

Mark of the Jinn series



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