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QUOTE: "Look at all this great junk!"

Thirty years ago, the man known only as "Scavenger" began to acquire a reputation among arms dealers. The Scavenger was the man to talk to whether you needed an antique revolver to complete a private collection or two dozen surface-to-air missiles to start a revolutionary war. Scavenger is just what his name states, and he's the best at it. Not only does he scavenge (and steal) whatever he finds useful, he's also quite a pack rat. Just over two decades ago, Scavenger found a red-haired little girl after her parents were murdered. Scavenger kept the girl in chains, using her to wash his clothes, tend to his wounds, and take his punches. Not long after, while in the jungles of South America, Scavenger met a wounded man whose skin was bright red. The two bonded and became great friends (for a pair of cold-hearted killers). In fact, it was Scavenger who named the red man "Bludblister." The little girl later escaped Scavenger's cruelty while in Japan.

Scavenger is only human, but in battle he is a monster. First, Scavenger embraces his tendency for sadism, allowing for a special flair for inducing pain in his adversaries. Second, and probably worse, Scavenger is also a masochist-- drawing pleasure from his own injuries. These qualities combined with an intimate knowledge of every conventional weapon ever made makes Scavenger one of the most dangerous humans on the planet.

These days, Scavenger still supplies the needy with armaments for a hefty price. In his free time, he causes havoc alongside Bludblister. Now and then, Scavenger remembers his little redheaded prisoner-- and wonders what has become of her....


Real Name: (unrevealed)

Occupation: Arms Dealer

Classification: Human

Torpedo Blazing Son



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