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QUOTE: "Brannen Kearne just melted away. And good riddance too."

There was a time when all Brannen Kearne's life consisted of was counting barrels. It was Brannen's job to keep track of the inventory of a warehouse full of barrels of tar. One day, all that changed. A chemical container fell from an airplane, and landed right on Brannen Kearne. Brannen and the container plowed through a bunch of barrels, covering him in tar. Though the impact would normally have killed a man, the chemicals inside the container bonded Brannen with the tar. Brannen's old body was DIGESTED by his new body - leaving behind the sleek gooey form that now calls itself "SLOOZE."

Slooze has no skeleton, so he can go where he wants and do what he wants. He can stretch himself to reach great heights or distances. He can slip through cracks in walls or under doors. Though Slooze can be harmed by electricity, he is resistant to fire. Slooze isn't all that strong, but can increase his strength by covering a human host and using him as an endoskeleton. And worst of all, when Slooze needs to eat, he covers his human victim and digests him. All that is left behind are the bones and clothes of his prey.

Seeking revenge against the world for the miserable life he led as Brannen Kearne, Slooze is out to kill anyone he pleases - particularly authority figures (policemen, superheroes, etc). The US government has ordered that Slooze is to be killed on sight... though that's a feat easier said than done!


Real Name: Brannen Kearne

Occupation: Serial Killer

Classification: Human, Genetically Altered

Origin of Slooze



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