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The butcher

QUOTE: "He pays me to cut meat. That's what I intend to do."

Rescued from poverty by a wealthy land owner, the butcher had more than enough behind his butcher-block. During prosperous times, the butcher worked long and hard to prepare meat for all of the land owner's vassels and servants. The land owner learned that there was a great call to action to defend settlements in the east. As more and more men set out on their armed pilgrimage toward the Holy Land, the butcher found himself with little to do. Soon, he found himself ordered to travel east and join the fight.

There was no question that the butcher was loyal to his generous lord. In fact, he was somewhat pleased to learn he would be sent into the fray. The butcher has a secret. He enjoys cutting meat. He really enjoys it. Not the mundane cutting and preparation, mind you... the killing. When it was time to slaugther a pig or cow, the butcher would always insist he do the dirty work himself. He loved it... the way he could feel the flesh give way beneath a sharp blade. And the mixture of fear and confusion in the animal's eye excited him. He would stare into the animal's gaze, stealing their fleeting reaction until replaced with the dull, lifeless one. But these animals were only surrogates. They helped remind him of years passed, when he once stole these same emotions from a man.


Occupation: Butcher

Classification: Human

Vampire Crusade



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