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The lordThe lord

QUOTE: "I have learned how to handle a sword, mind you."

As the youngest among his brothers, the young lord had few responsibilities. He knew that his oldest brother would one day inherit the lands and riches held by their father. The young lord and his other brothers would have to make their own way in the world. Growing up, the young lord heard fantastic stories about his grandfather's heroics. Fifty years ago, his grandfather led a group of men to the Holy Land, and participated in a battle that drove the saracens from Jerusalem. Now as a new conflict begins, the young lord finds himself poised to take on a similar adventure. After all, grandfather was the youngest of his siblings, and returned wealthier and more powerful than the brothers he left behind.

The young lord has always had time for a number of diversions. In his daydreams, he was a great knight as his grandfather once was. The young lord's brothers were already skilled swordsmen, and taught as much as they could to their little brother. What they couldn't teach him was how to channel his aggression into the swing of his practice sword. Although his brothers were just as privileged and sheltered, they were somehow able to find this emotion and use it (perhaps stemming from an air of superiority). The kind hearted young lord, however, could not. As one who loves music, the young lord also tried to learn how to play a harp, but his brothers insisted he was better with a sword (barely).

When the second great pilgrimage began, the young lord saw his chance to fight for his beliefs and for the Glory of Heaven. He knew this was also his chance to find his independence. It was his chance to lead men, and fight as his grandfather had. But as men assembled to head east, the young lord stayed back. Though he didn't want to admit it to his brothers, there was a deep fear in him... a fear that he could fail. He realized that the stories of his grandfather also told of fierce fighters and death all around him. As legions of pilgrims left, the young lord did not. After exhausting a number of excuses, and being ridiculed by his brothers, the young lord realized something. His faith was stronger than any earthly fear. Soon, the young lord convinced himself he was ready. With his faithful page at his side, the young lord agreed to lead a small group of men. The young lord and his men were to catch up and join with another group (also traveling by foot) who had left days earlier. The journey would be hard, but it was a chance to prove his strength and unwavering faith. Whatever evils may lay in the path ahead, the young lord knew he was ready.


Occupation: Crusader

Classification: Human

Vampire Crusade



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