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Parry TylerPreston Reeve

The Peasants

These men grew up with the stories of the great pilgrimage to Jerusalem. They knew that some of the men who left as a "nobody" returned as a "somebody." Those who fought and came back were seen as heroes. A poor man who earned a reputation in battle could come find himself in higher social circles upon his return. Now as a second armed pilgrimage started fifty years after the first, even more men were drawn to the promise of fame, fortune, and forgiveness. Though different in many ways, these four men share a background filled with problems and poverty. By joining the second great pilgrimage, they have the chance to get what they want most. They set out with a young lord on a mission to catch up to another group of men, and then continue east to fight for the Glory of Heaven... and the spoils of war.


Occupation: various

Classification: Human

Vampire Crusade



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