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Parry Tyler

Quote: "I'm just saying I'm going to use this... unfortunate situation... in a good way."

Parry Tyler has been interested in law enforcement since he was just a boy. Now as the sheriff in a small town in Henry County, it's his responsibility to keep the townspeople safe... or at least feeling safe.

Parry has a reputation for being a no-nosense kind of guy. In many ways, he is quite the opposite of his gentle wife, Halina.

As women are found butchered in their small town, Parry sees an opportunity to further his own career. As a serial murder case, Parry should inform the FBI. He should call the state crime lab to run the evidence. But he hasn't. And the longer he waits, the more bodies find their way to the Henry County morgue.


Real Name: Parry Tyler

Occupation: Sheriff

Classification: Human

Death Accidental



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