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Along with some previous print comics, I posted a related webcomic. On "Midnight Train," I posted a webcomic prologue just before the character boards the train. For "Vampire Crusade," the webcomic was something like an epilogue after the print comic. When it came to "Project Nation," I decided to show an expanded scene that takes place DURING the comic.

I wanted to give a better introduction to these three "Wanna be" heroes, but it just wasn't appropriate in the full print comic. Nation is the star, and it wasn't worth distracting from his story to give time to three other heroes. Also, these characters are pretty silly, and that silliness really didn't fit the tone of the main story. So in the print comic, we see them very briefly, at the end of their fight with the robots. Here in "Czarbots Attack," we see the full fight scene. It doesn't go well for the three heroes!

As for the three silly heroes, each was created a bit differently than my other heroes. "Dynamotastic" is obviously a combination of "Dynamic" or "Dynamo" and "Fantastic." I figured in a world where powered heroes exist, not every one of them will come up with some cool name, but they would sure TRY. My first sketch was a really boring white guy in a suit, showing on his face (sort of like "The Tick"). Eventually, it dawned on me that the name sounded like it could be a 70's B-Movie title. The new character design was easy after that. A bellbottomed jumpsuit and afro later, and the new character was born. He seems silly now, but he's actually quite powerful and has room to grow and get more serious.

"Wink" is an example of me wanting to do things very differently than I've ever seen. Every speedy comic character I've seen has been really fit and sometimes super lean. They're runners, and they run everywhere, so they have a runner's body. It makes sense. What doesn't make sense is an overweight speedy guy. How does he maintain his weight? Isn't his metabolism super fast like other fast heroes? Clearly not. As an added measure, I thought he should definitely wear a skin tight cheetah print body suit. Just the concept of this character still makes me smile.

When it comes to "Lady Titan," she's a bit more complicated that it would seem. I'm not ready to reveal her secrets just yet, but she's got a lot more going on than what we've seen. Having a girl be the "tank" or strong / tough character isn't anything new. "She-Hulk" comes to mind in this category. Even though these examples exist, most tank characters I've seen are male and I like that this character goes against that trend. She's really concerned about keeping her little eye mask on, because she doesn't want to be recognized. That has to do with her dark secret :)

-Jay W. Davis

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