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Ori v. Goroshi II - Notes

I feel much better about the art this time than in Ori & Goroshi's first meeting. I've abandoned the "Sumi-E" inspired style in favor of blended pencil work. No competition for D. Kevin Perry's work on the previous chapter or Curtis Rhodes' work on the next :)

The battle is quick again, but I wanted to work in some details that would be important to their rivalry. First, I wanted Ori to not remember the previous encounter, even though Goroshi has been obssessing over it. Second, Goroshi introduces himself (again), but this time Ori says Goroshi's name. This is important, because after this encounter Goroshi won't speak. Third, Ori carries a very special sword on his back that was not made by human hands, and is nearly unbreakable. He could easily draw this sword against Goroshi, but doesn't. He's swift enough to defeat Goroshi with the broken sword instead.

Just as ghosts are said to remain behind when they have unfinished business, so too can a body from time to time. Ori definitely finished off Goroshi after this story ended, but it isn't the end of Goroshi.

Below, you'll find sketches I made while creating this chapter, including a page with my thumbnail layouts.

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