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Bamboo Grove Epilogue - Illustrated by Jay W. DavisOri v Goroshi I - Illustrated by Jay W. DavisGoroshi Lives - Illustrated by D. Kevin PerryOri v Goroshi II - Illustrated by Jay W. DavisGoroshi of the Dead - Illustrated by Curtis Rhodes

 Ori & Goroshi Character Profiles

Ori JunicheroGoroshiTanazaki JunicheroRe Tung JunicheroSasakiMinami

Ori Junichero
After the events of "Fall in the Bamboo Grove," the Junichero clan is on the move. Along the way, Ori crosses paths with a killer obsessed with defeating those who carry a sword. The killer is no match for the young Junichero, nor will Goroshi stay down forever.
Illustrated by Jay W. Davis, D. Kevin Perry, Curtis Rhodes

Fall in the Bamboo Grove
(Print comic currently unavailable)
Ninjas! Blood! Romance? This one's got it all.
The Junichero clan is regarded as one of the greatest ninja lines throughout history. The youngest, Ori, wants no part of his family's legacy as warriors. That is, until the girl on the other side of the Bamboo Grove is in trouble!
Illustrated by Jay W. Davis



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