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MeiNivid Bug


Ocean-borne warriors with gills and slick skin, living far beneath the rolling waves. Males normally have various fin arrangements on their heads, whereas females usually have heads of hair like humans. Skin types can vary greatly, including solid colors, spots, or stripes. 

Hydrones have a reputation among land dwelling mortals as cold blooded killers. They are locked in a cycle, where hydrones and land dwellers hate and attack one another. Though there are tensions and war among land dwellers, there are also trade and sometimes peace. Isolated by their watery homes, hydrones don’t have commerce or cultural exchanges with other mortals. To a hydrone, everything else is an enemy. 

Small pods (groups) of hydrones live within a home made from coral or carved rock. There are few entrances, as they must be guarded at all times to prevent ocean predators from invading their home. Guards with coral lances are posted just inside each entrance to prevent ocean predators from invading their home. Each pod has a single leader, often but not always male. Pods keep mostly to themselves, but will interact with members of other pods. All pods within a region are subject to the laws and rulings of a royal pod. Royal pods rarely interact with royals from other regions. Regions tend to be separated by trenches and land masses. 

In one region, a female hydrone was born with strikingly human features, named Mei. She was trained to infiltrate a human village, looking for an opportune time for pods of her region to strike. She carefully hid her gills with a cloth choker for years, sneaking away to check in with her real family beneath the water. Eventually, her secret was discovered, and the pods of her region attacked the human village.


Mark of the Jinn: Lost



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