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QUOTE: "I'm surprised to see you, Gojinn. Alive."

She was only a little girl when she first wandered into Gojinn's village. She told the elders her name was "Mei," and that she had been abandoned by another village. The village law prohibits interaction with the other villages, so they could not try to return the girl home. Instead, she was allowed to stay. Little Mei wore a wide cloth choker around her neck, and would scream when anyone tried to remove it. The villagers learned to leave it alone, as to not upset the girl.

As she grew up, Mei became close to the other kids her age. She and Kira became inseparable. As they got older, she also drew closer to Kira's brother, Gojinn. In time, Mei and Gojinn became a couple and planned to wed. All this time, Mei kept a secret. Mei was a Hydrone, a water-breather from beneath the ocean. And when she discovered that Gojinn bore the cursed "Mark of the Jinn" on his arm, she let that be a secret as well.

The Hydrones of her clan tell stories of the "human-skin." They believe this human-looking Hydrone will help them conquer the surface-dwellers. When Mei was born with pale peach-colored skin with no spots or stripes, they knew she was the one. Even before she could talk, Mei was being indoctrinated with her mission: to live as a human, and advise her fellow Hydrones when it was time to strike!


Real Name: Mei

Classification: Hydrone

Mark of the Jinn: Lost



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