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Nivid BugMortem Brand


Bug-worshipping primitives.

Though human, the "leafmask" people have not developed a spoken language. Without metal ore on their island, their primary resources are stone and plants.

The leafmask people cover themselves with grass skirts, and use the long grass to make everything from seating mats to satchels. They eat a variety of berries and roots. Even their unique face coverings come from the plants around them. For shelter, the leafmasks use dwellings carved directly through large stone formations. They use sharp-edged stones to cut plants, and even their dining area is made of one large block of stone.

Perhaps the strangest custom of the leaf mask people is their affinity for a particular insect found on their island. They appear to worship a large parasite known called a nivid. The insect prefers to attach to the face of its host, and the leafmask people actually allow it. In fact, only someone who has been chosen by the enivid may leave their face uncovered. Since the insect renders the host in a semi-paralyzed state, the other leafmasks will feed and even carry the insect's host. The leafmask people apparently consider the enivid to be sacred, and will defend it violently if necessary.


Classification: Human

Mark of the Jinn: Hope



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