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OriOri JunicheroOri and Sasaki

QUOTE: "The blood? It's not mine."

Centuries ago, the Junichero Clan was both hated and feared. It wasn't until the noble man known as "Stone Iris" changed the fate of his line. Now those who know the name "Junichero" revere it as the greatest clan of swordsmen to roam the land of the rising sun. Ori is the youngest generation of the Junichero. Ori's father,Tanazaki, had other plans. Tanazaki wanted to end the line of bloodshed each generation of his family must endure. Tanazaki's wife, however, worried that her son would be left vulnerable without the skills of his ancestors. Her dying wish was for Tanazaki to train their son to be ninja. Tanazaki agreed.

Ori's skill as a swordsman is still unrefined, though many have fallen to his blade. What he lacks in skill, he makes up for with razor sharp clarity and reflexes. More often then not, his opponent's blade never gets close enough to leave a scratch. As if that weren't enough, Ori possesses a sword of unparalleled quality. Ordinary katana cannot match up to the length of his legendary samurai sword. His sword is heavy, and the metal seems much more dense than any sword known to man. Some say the blade was crafted by something... inhuman.

Aside from training with his father and grandfather Re Tung, Ori spends some of his free time with the girl from the other side of the bamboo grove, Sasaki. Ori and his family can only remain hidden in the countryside so long. Eventually, there are always ninja eager to earn a reputation in Junichero blood. When Ori and his clan are discovered, they give their challengers an eyeful of the fabled Junichero arts. And it will be the last thing foolhardy challengers ever see.


Real Name: Ori Junichero

Occupation: Fisherman

Classification: Human

Fall in the Bamboo Grove & Epilogue,
Ori v Goroshi I & II



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