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Re Tung JunicheroRe Tung JunicheroRe Tung Junichero

QUOTE: "Our ancestors honor us with their wisdom."

Re Tung comes from a long line of ninja. Dating back to centuries ago, the Junichero continue to pass their secret arts from father to son. Re Tung honors those that came before him by following these traditions. One such tradition is that of avenging the father. When his father was killed, the young Re Tung trailed the murderer and fought him. Not many Junichero had the chance to reach Re Tung's age. He knows it's only a matter of time before his son, Tanazaki, will someday follow this same path.

Much of the Junichero arts focus on quick and overpowering techniques. Though in his later years, Re Tung can still strike like a snake when need be. A master of gaining maximum effect from minimal effort, would-be asssassins are often in for a surprise when trying to take out the eldest Junichero.

Re Tung watches proudly as his grandson, Ori, continues to learn their sought after skills. Re Tung also calms the tension between Ori and Tanazaki. Re Tung feels there is not much left for him in this world. He will teach Ori what he can in their arts. After that, Re Tung will join with his family's tradition, and become another of the legendary Junichero ancestors.


Real Name: Re Tung Junichero

Occupation: Fisherman

Classification: Human

Fall in the Bamboo Grove,
Bamboo Grove Epilogue



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