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Agent RavenAgent Raven

 QUOTE: "All you have to do is make ONE mistake, and I'll put you in a cell WELDED shut. One you can't get out of."

Raven is a notoriously determined federal agent, currently working the high-crimes division. The list of criminals who have elluded her is quite short. On top of that short list is Theron Phoenix.

In addition to her skills as a tracker and detective, Raven has another attribute that few people know. She possesses the super-human ability she refers to as "dimming." When she goes dim, she becomes much less visible to the naked eye. Not quite able to go invisible, her dimming skill is used primarily to hide in the shadows. She uses this skill very sparingly, keeping it a secret from her peers and supervisors. Being able to lie in wait for your suspect, or escape a conflict by ducking into the shadows, has proven to be a career-advancing and life-saving technique.

Agent Raven would like nothing more than to scratch Theron Phoenix's name off her list of "ones that got away." She has no proof that he's the man in the stolen Vertex suit, but her gut tells her Phoenix is her man.


Real Name: Raven

Occupation: Federal Agent, High Crimes

Classification: Human, Gifted

Vertex Masks



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