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QUOTE: "Ashstones are too rare to keep them all in one place."

Stoic was BORN to be a hero. Much older than he appears, Stoic's birth was foretold in many cult prophesies as their enemy. Stoic travels across the globe, ridding the Earth of demon activity or any other evil doing he happens upon.

Stoic's powers are mystical in nature. Most notably, he can summon great bursts of energy, and also mend dimensional rifts. The only problem is that the use of these powers leads Stoic to de-age, leaving him less poweful and more vulnerable to his enemies. This is why Stoic relies mainly on his massive sword instead.

Ever the wanderer, Stoic uses his senses to guide him to where he's needed. Called "Ethereal Sensitivity," this sense draws Stoic to 'hotspots' of demon activity or otherworldly goings-on. He has crossed paths many times with others who share this sense, such as the relic-wielding demon hunter known as Mortem Brand.


Real Name: (unrevealed)
Known Alias: Dane Smith

Occupation: Guardian, Demon Slayer

Classification: Human, Gifted

Stoic Unlikely Sanctuary, Stoic Memories



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