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Powerful and elusive creatures known to drink blood.

Some accounts tell of a man who made a pact with a demon. Other accounts say a rare type of poisonous bat led to early cases of vampirism. What is known is that most vampires can trace their line back to a more powerful vampire who can turn humans into blood-suckers. Many reports from centuries ago originate from Europe. Today, the rare attacks are spread out over the entire globe.

Vampires seem to grow more powerful with age. Natural-born vampires grow stronger and more quickly than "turned" humans. Types of powers can differ greatly from one vampire to the next. All vampires have gained increased vision in the dark. Other common powers include greatly increased speed, enhanced strength, and a telepathic link with those they infect. Not all vampires are able to attain these powers.

Vampires are known to harbor a severe reaction to sunlight that causes their skin to burn. Garlic produces a paralyzing allergic reaction in vampire blood. Stakes made of wood or any material have been used to destroy some vampires, but this only works on relatively weak ones. Most crosses are powerless against vampires.

A Vampire sustains his health by consuming the fresh blood of a human. Despite all their power, Vampire bodies are reliant on this blood. Without it, they would eventually starve. Some vampires can put themselves in a sort of stasis, allowing them to go for long spans of time without feeding or starving. Vampires do not need to feed frequently, but some do simply for enjoyment.


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