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Mr. Wesson and Mr. Smith

QUOTE: "Hey!"

The product of poor life decisions and lack of any real work ethic, these two have more in common than just the same mother. Adopting the "clever" names of Mr Wesson and Mr Smith as aliases, they set out to make a name for themselves on the street. Petty theft graduated to burglary, then armed robbery and eventually murder.

No powers, and hardly any abilities, Mr Wesson and Mr Smith avail their services not just to the highest bidder, but any bidder whatsoever. As guns for hire, they do any dirty work needed. Lately, an American terrorist group known as "Vandal" has recruited the brothers, and given them the job of "field acquisition supervisors" - that is, they buy guns.

Wanted by the FBI for murders in several states, their whereabouts are currently unknown.


Real Name: (unrevealed)

Occupation: Hired Gun

Classification: Human

Pride's Fall



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