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Tanazaki JunicheroVampires

The thiefThe thief

QUOTE: "...these hapless souls were under the impression that I had taken things that didn't belong to me."

Caught and thrown in prison, the thief was offered a simple choice: travel to the Holy Land to fight for the Glory of Heaven or rot in jail. He didn't take long to decide. As per the condition of his release, he joined a small band of other unfortunate men led by a young lord. Upon his release, the thief helped himself to a fine dyed shirt (as good or better as the young lord's tunic). The thief didn't have time to acquire a decent blade before setting out on his journey, and instead carries only an old (but razor sharp) dagger.

In addition to winning his freedom and divine forgiveness, there is something else that peaks the thief's interest. Like the other men, the thief grew up hearing stories of the courageous pilgrims who set out for the Holy Land half a century ago. He heard how the men returned as heroes... with packs and pockets filled with fortunes they claimed while on their adventure.


Occupation: Thief

Classification: Human

Vampire Crusade



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