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VertexVertexTheron Phoenix

QUOTE: "I could breeze through a place like this in my SLEEP. I don't need the suit."

Theron Phoenix had already master his craft by the time he met Marian. In fact, he was robbing a rich man's party when they first met. As romance blossomed between Theron and Marian, she made him promise to give up his life of crime. Theron agreed. He became an honest locksmith, and he scraped by on his comparatively modest wages. But Marian fell ill, and her wealthy parents took her away. Months passed and Theron heard nothing. Finally, her received word that Marian had died. But before she died, Marian had given birth to a daughter - Allison. Marian made her family promise to give Allison to Theron, so he would always remember her. Now supporting not only himself, Theron decided to go after that 'one last score.' It was a mistake that would change his life. Theron was caught in a set up by his ruthless enemy, Harbinger. Theron would have been beaten to death by Harbinger's men if not for one saving grace. Allison. Theron explained that he was now a father, and that Allison would have nothing without him. Harbinger had once lost a daughter of her own, and agreed not to kill Theron as part of a deal struck between the two.

There aren't many cells that can keep him in, and few safes that can keep him out. With the prototype VERTEX suit, Theron's skills are multiplied. The soundproof material elevates him from master thief to something more like a ghost. In addition to being soundproof, the suit also disrupts light waves. While it remains visible to the human eye, the suit shows up as a dark blur on video recording equipment. The suit is also temperature regulating, waterproof, and bulletproof.

Harbinger has forced Theron to become her personal errand boy. She insists he wear the Vertex suit, to gain notorioty for the item (a marketing ploy to entice the US goverment to purchase V-suits for the armed forces). Theron resents being forced back into a life as a thief, as every stolen artifact is a broken promise to Marian. Even worse, Allison is growing up in a beautiful prison at Harbinger's estate. Something's got to change. And like Theron's old man said "all you need is an escape plan."


Real Name: Theron Phoenix

Occupation: Master Thief

Classification: Human

Vertex Masks



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