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QUOTE: "You'll do whatever I ask. You are at somewhat of a disadvantage."

Harbinger is a captain of industry. She owns and operates Harbico, Inc. - one of the world's leading textiles manufacturing companies. Harbico makes everything from cotton underwear to ballistic nylon suitcases.

One of the richest women on the planet, there isn't much Harbinger can't do. Ruthless and vindictive, Harbinger set a trap for the man who has stolen numerous pieces from her priceless art collection, Theron Phoenix. Harbinger had every intention of killing Phoenix. As Phoenix pleaded for his life, Harbinger decided to spare him... with conditions. Phoenix would use his skills as a thief to steal rare and exotic pieces for her personal collection. And Phoenix's daughter, Allison, would always remain at Harbinger's estate... as collateral. Phoenix had no choice but to agree.

Harbinger stood to make a killing on the sale of her company's stealth-enhancing V-suits, made of the soundproof material called Vertex. When the US government backed out of the deal, Harbinger was furious. Now she forces Phoenix to wear a 'stolen' V-suit while he does her dirty work - advertising the usefulness of such a suit. It seems that Harbinger has it all... but all good things come to an end. It's only a matter of time before Phoenix reaches his breaking point and makes his move against his callous 'employer.'


Real Name: Harbinger

Occupation: CEO, Harbico, Inc.

Classification: Human

Vertex Masks



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