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The White LyreThe White LyreThe White Lyre

QUOTE: "Zoot alors! Did I win tickets to ze circus?"

Not exactly finding success as a villain in France, the White Lyre decided to follow his dreams in the land of opportunity. Once in the States, he decided to join forces with someone local, someone who could show him around. After a couple days of browsing craigslist at the public library, White Lyre met the perfect henchman: The Matter.

Most people find the Matter's aroma unbearable. The White Lyre, who often has body odor of his own, wasn't bothered by the steam visibly rising from his new cohort. Now if he could just come up with a great villainous plan of some sort!


Real Name: (unrevealed)

Occupation: up-and-coming villain

Classification: Human

What's the Matter



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