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The White LyreWink


QUOTE: "I'll order you food. Ch-chicken... Steak... Whatever you want. I'll pay for it all."

A normally mild-mannered accountant, Mr. Wiley boards a train... where he meets Ogburn. Frightened by the dark, hulking gravedigger, Mr. Wiley hurries away to a private compartment on the train's sleeper car. A few minutes later, Mr. Wiley hears someone outside the door. The handle moves, but the locked door remains shut. The handle stops moving, and for a moment, Wiley thinks he may be safe. There is a loud cracking noise as the locking mechanism breaks and the door slides open in a blur. It's Ogburn, and he has something to talk about with Mr. Wiley.


Real Name: Wiley

Occupation: Accountant

Classification: Human

Midnight Train



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