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QUOTE: "Because I'll be gone in one!"

Wink wants to be a hero, the same way his friends Dynamotastic and Lady Titan do. And like his friends, Wink has a secret... he lives with his mom. Though this wouldn't be a big deal to some people, Wink is extremely self-conscious about it. Also, Wink would rather not talk answer questions about his dating life (or lack thereof).

Wink's power is super-speed. Unlike a few others gifted with this power, Wink's metabolism is not affected.

Wink currently joins Dynamo & Lady Titan in search of criminal plots to foil. Like the other two, he dreams of being recruited to a super-team and being paid big money for his abilities... so far without luck.


Real Name: (unrevealed)

Occupation: Aspiring Hero

Classification: Human, Gifted

Project Nation,
Czarbots Attack,
What's the Matter



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