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Hakkou was still quite young when her mother passed away. She found much distraction in the form of Ichiru, a neighbor boy from her small village. The two were inseparable. When Ichiru's parents died, Hakkou reached out to him. It was her love that helped Ichiru through his time of need. Hakkou's father gladly arranged for the couple to be married.

Hakkou may be a seamstress, but her skill is not a match to that of her late mother. Hakkou continues to working on perfecting her craft, much to the amusement of her father and Ichiru.

Many nights Hakkou lays awake in bed thinking of her future with Ichiru. She dreams of the children they'll have and she's picked out a few possible names already. She closes her eyes and imagines the small home they'll build together. Soon she'll have the chance to begin making those dreams come true.  


Real Name: Hakkou

Occupation: Seamstress

Classification: Human

Mortem Brand The Passing,
Ichiru's Poem



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