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QUOTE: "Not Pride... WRATH."

After the devastating loss of his fiancé and hero partner Madison Goldwater (Harmony), Pride changed. Not just emotionally... he actually changed physically. Saturated with more of his nature super adrenaline than every before, his body is now permanently strengthened. Slade Dagan kill dozens and dozens of men that day. Some say the man who called himself "Pride" was lost that day as well. Regardless of what he calls himself, Dagan would be serving numerous jail sentences for the murders he wrought that day. If not for the mitigating circumstance of his lost wife, and the intervention of Major Gunn... Dagan would not be a free man.

Born with a genetic abnormality, Slade's body produces a hyper-effective form of adrenaline. This adrenaline not only gives Slade a boost of superhuman strength and resistance to pain -- the chemical has permeated cells throughout his body, providing a long-term effect even after the adrenaline is not being released. Currently, his body is performing at an even higher level than he's ever seen. Early tests show no sign that this effect will dissipate.

Now that Major Gunn has decided to form a team of heroes in the name of national security, Dagan has a second chance. As WRATH, Dagan will provide more than enough power for the fledgling team. The only question is can even the army restrain Wrath if he loses control?


Real Name: Slade Dagan

Occupation: Government Special Agent

Classification: Human, Gifted

Entrance Exam



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