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Halina Tyler

Quote: "I know work has been rough for you lately."

Halina Tyler has rarely ventured past the borders of Henry County. She loves her job. She loves her husband. She loves her life. All the students want to take her class.

Mrs. Tyler smiles at every student in the same genuine and innocent way every single day. She's never disappointed as she gets ready to come to shool every morning. She is known to her peers as well as her students as someone who is always a ray of sunshine, even when every one else is being a cloud. That includes her husband, Officer Parry Tyler.

Unfortunately, one student has gone beyond simple admiration to something much stronger. To a young student named Gale, Halina Tyler is everything. For now, Halina continues blissfully unaware of Gale's dangerous thoughts.


Real Name: Halina Tyler

Occupation: Teacher

Classification: Human

Death Accidental



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